A very exciting day

for a Cumberbabe!

First the waiting for Steven Moffat’s three words for Sherlock S3, which is Rat, Wedding and Bow. Bow and Rat tells me nothing. Wedding…, yes I can imagine at bit of it anyway. I was in bit of hurry when I came home and in the middle of everything I saw a revealing on facebook. Probably we will see Benedict appear in a movie, as a nephew to Meryl Streep!! The movie will also contain Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and several more! Oh, it seem to be a chick flick one, but I don’t care. HIM with Meryl & Juliette!! God! I haven’t seen Juliette Lewis for a looong time and I really looking forward to this movie already!

Then the BEST thing that has happened since….I don’t know. I saw him live through a streaming page in the British TV-show ”The One Show”!!! I have calmed down now, but I have been SOO excited and happy and was jumping up and down in the sofa ahhhh! It was so good, he was wonderful and I have fallen in love all over again. Some stuff was cleared up, others still is hided under a mysterious blanket. I have seen my GREAT inspiration LIVE!! This was really what I needed! SO much! ❤

Now I am waiting to see if I also will have the chance to see Parade’s End on this streaming page. That would be just marvelous!!

Benedict Cumberbatch in The One Show:

Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens & Rebecca Hall as Sylvia Tietjens:in Parade’s End

Now I got a headache. Time for some tea and relax my poor head and aching heart. ❤

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