Feel like crying

and laughing in the same time withouth knowing why. Feel like I need to shout out loud in a can every 30 mins, cos I am angry without any reason. I have no strenght, no desire to do anything more than look at TV and facebooking. I can’t decide what to wear today when I going in to Stockholm, to look at the ”Midnight Run”. For that I could blame the funny weather we have had this week. With sun, rain and moist air. Or I can blame my hormones.

Yeah. I think I do that. I blame my bloody hormones. I should stay at home. Or drink some alcohol just to calm the ”inner part” of myself down. But I have nothing at home.

So lets go to Stockholm to look at my brothers when they run! But they do not start before 9.30 pm, so I have decide to relax. Well try to, my hormones usually not do what I told them to do.

Give me a punch, will ya.

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