to whom it may concern,

I’m alive! But not so much here though.. And actually I died 7 min ago, when I saw ”you know who” on a new picture and his eyes took up almost the whole space.

I have, actually, been thinking of stuff to write about and I will. Promise. But now it’s a bit messy. Around me, inside me and.. well I’ll be back – writing in English or Swedish is hard to tell though.

This weekend I moving back home. This week I hope I gonna have a good meeting with my psychologist, as I had last week. This week I hope I gonna have a good talk, and hopefully meeting, with my doctor. This week my wrist started to hurt, not good with an office work. This week I hope I can relax with some athletics at the Olympic Games. This week I actually envy some of my relatives, that visiting the Olympic Games in London. Last week I got two new friends at FB – from Germany and the U.S ❤

I’ll be back. Meantime, I DEMAND you to listen at this beautiful BEAUTIFUL piece of music! It’s not metal, I do listen to other kind of music to. Faktiskt. This is piano. It makes me happy as well as I almost start to cry. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN AT IT.


It makes me happy knowing that I, hopefully, will have the chance to hear this live during autumn. But by another fellow, much younger but sooo well talented it’s almost untrue!

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